Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall/Halloween Layouts

I've been working on several CT layouts this week.  My designers have some of the cutest kits out there for this fall!!  They also have some really elegant kits.  I love this one by Claudi Designs.

claudi_autumntime_ep claudi_autumntime_pp


This one is called Scare Me by Sherri Tierney.  Isn't it just the cutest kit EVER???  Lots of fun to scrap with, too!!



I've also been working with Pamela Donnis's latest kit, Tricks and Treats.  She saw my layouts and asked me to be on her CT.  I am honored and excited to work with her designs. 


My sister-in-law, Stephanie, helped Hannah make this adorable sock pumpkin last week when we were car shopping.  It is now placed on our entertainment center as a part of our fall decor.


The photo for this LO is from last year's Halloween.  D, K, and Hannah all went trick-or-treating together for the 2nd year in a row.  We can't wait to join them this year as well.  In this LO, I also used Pamela's Tricks and Treats.


Another kit I have been able to work with is Tricker's Treat by the designers at Elemental Scraps. 


At Homecoming Weekend, my kiddos visited the little Pumpkin Patch display the students set up for photos. While at the display, I went ahead and told my kids to take the littlest pumpkins so they thought we were at a "real" pumpkin patch. So the story of the pumpkin thieves.

Created using the Elemental Scraps Mega Kit, Tricker's Treat. Pumpkin Word Art by Inspired Mommies Designs.


I forgot to mention Lliella's new fall kit, Fall Frolic Folly.  I used this kit for my October Desktop




I've also been working on this year's calendar pages, but I want them to be a surprise for the grandparents so I can't share them until after Christmas :(

I also have a couple LOs I created of my PreSchool Class.  I used Misty Cato's ABC123 Kit for this 2 page LO.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Smorgsborg of LOs (is that how you spell smorgsborg?)

Here are some of the LOs I've been able to complete in the past two weeks of being laid up on pain killers and etc. LOL This is not all of them but I can barely keep my eyes open to get to post





Kit used here is Hey Sport by Melissa Bennett




Kit used here is Rough 'N Tumble by Melissa and Martin





This LO was created in honor my daughter and her new glasses. Karla Marano saved the day and created the most precious kit for the photos of my little girl. It's called Rose Colored Glasses.




My sister-in-love has an amazing talent for snapping photos. Some photos that I take are lucky lens didn't break. On day, I will conquer the fate that comes with taking pictures with no training. And until, I'll take photos from those who ask. That being said, the photo in the LO to the right was taken by Stephanie McIntyre. She's got a great eye for image and taking photos. It's the just going into business that's tough.

THe kit used is Autumn by Claudi Designs. And I'm sure the template by ChrissyW.




This is one of my favorite LO so far this summer taking our honeymoon photo from 9 years ago and pairing with a honeymoon photo from today. We are soo blessed, so loved, and are still honeymooning (most nights, anyway).

Kit used is Love This by Pamela Donnis








Hannah has been continuing to take her ballet, tap, jazz class at the Fusion Dance Company in Oak Hill where she's able to spend a couple of hours with D. This was the best solution we, as parents, could. I'm trying to keep my boy from being so distracted...Thank God for Blues Clues

Kit used is Love This by Pamela Donnis







Here I used Bountiful by Sherri Tierney. Gorgeous Kit. Love to work with. . just beautiful.

And we're the proud owners of. . .

A 2005 Kia Sedona.  Not exactly what we had intended on purchasing, but we were so blessed to fall into a deal we couldn't refuse.  Thanks to our wonderful friend and pastor, Paul Goeke, having an amazing connection at Howdy Honda and to our fabulous salesman, Eric, we now have  a minivan w/ warranty sitting in our driveway.  I'm still a little in shock, but I'm sooo happy.  Thanks also to Stephen brother, Daniel, who spent all morning and most of the afternoon with us making sure we got a safe vehicle.  We love you, Daniel.  Thanks, Stephanie, for allowing us to borrow him for a Saturday.

Thanks so everyone who purchased the template package to help with the cost of this vehicle.

We are incredibly blessed.


A photo of Hannah in the new van.  She's so excited because it's "GREEN with SPARKLES!!  I always wanted a car with SPARKLES before."  I guess the paint has a shimmer to it because she is just thrilled with the new car.  We also went and got new car seats for the kids.  They are currently hanging out in their boxes in the back of the van, but they will be installed tonight, and Hannah wants picture taken in her new seat, so we'll have more to share later!



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank you!

So far I have raised $120 towards the new car fund.  Y'all are amazing.  Thanks again!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


As many of you know, my daughter and I were in a car accident this past week which left our car totaled.  We have received a collision settlement, but we'd like to be able to add to that and get a car that we really love.  So I'm putting together this SUPER MEGA TEMPLATE PACK that includes ALL of my 12x12 Sketch Templates for the low price of $10 - Available only at Groovy Scraps
That's over 100 templates for $10.  Happy Scrappin' and help spread the word!!



Thursday, October 9, 2008

For those who don't keep up with my personal blog . . .


On the way to school Tuesday, Hannah and I were hit from behind on the frontage road of Ben White Blvd near IH-35.  We were having a Mommy/Hannah morning and going to stop for breakfast before school.  Stephen was working from home because Cayden is on the tail end of Hand, Foot, Mouth virus and we didn't want to expose the kiddos at his preschool.

So I'm slowing down to turn into the Chick-Fil-A/Starbucks Parking lot, and the next thing I know we are moving very quickly towards a metal fence and eletrical pole.  The whole thing was so sureal.  I felt like I was going in slow motion as I gathered my wits and realized what was happened.  The first thing that clued me in to something being wrong was Hannah screaming, "MOMMY!"  That's what got me back into reality and able to manuever the car away from the fence and hit the brakes to come to a stop (nearly at the street a block away).  We landed on the side walk about 400 ft from the driveway where were were intentionally trying to get into. 

The car is a mess.  As soon as we get the chance to get to the Tow Yard, I'll post photos, but it doesn't look good at all.  The bumper and trunk were literally in the backseat.  We couldn't open the doors to get Hannah out.  I had to crawl through the front seat toget Hannah unbuckled and then had her crawl out of the car through the front.

Cop arrived, took care of us first.  The guy did have insurance (thank the LORD), but I'm fairly certain he got a free trip downtown because our car was towed immediately, his truck was drivable, and it was still at the accident scene when we headed to the ER 2 hours later. 

Turns out Hannah is fine.  She is emotionally traumatized beyond belief.  I don't even know how we're going to handle that.  We'll have her talk to our pastors and the school counselor and then go from there, but this little 5 year old doesn't want to go anywhere in a car without her daddy anymore. 

I on the otherhand have a minor concussion and severe whiplash.  I'm on Vicodin, Motrin, and Soma (a muscle relaxer) and under the medical treatment of my chiropractor.  No work for the rest of the week.  No lifting for who knows how long. 

But it could have been much worse.  We are soooo blessed.  And please, please, pray for the young man who hit us.  If he was drunk (and underage), he's in a world of trouble.

Turns out the kid didn't have insurance either, which totally sucks, but we are thankful that we have awesome car insurance to help with all of this.

Car from rearview.


Hannah's side.  As you can see the frame has moved so much that the door is stuck over the body.


More photos of the back, including one of a random screw.  We still don't know where it came from or where it belongs.

DSCN2089 DSCN2090

DSCN2094  DSCN2095


That's it.  I was sick just taking these photos and words I haven't used in years left my mouth.  I'm soooo angry right now.  So angry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you ready for Halloween??

If not, then this fun event should get you in the mood!!  Just click on the ad below, register in the forums, and download your freebies.  And have fun!!! 


And while you're there, why don't you head over to the store as well have a little contest going on there!