Saturday, October 18, 2008

Smorgsborg of LOs (is that how you spell smorgsborg?)

Here are some of the LOs I've been able to complete in the past two weeks of being laid up on pain killers and etc. LOL This is not all of them but I can barely keep my eyes open to get to post





Kit used here is Hey Sport by Melissa Bennett




Kit used here is Rough 'N Tumble by Melissa and Martin





This LO was created in honor my daughter and her new glasses. Karla Marano saved the day and created the most precious kit for the photos of my little girl. It's called Rose Colored Glasses.




My sister-in-love has an amazing talent for snapping photos. Some photos that I take are lucky lens didn't break. On day, I will conquer the fate that comes with taking pictures with no training. And until, I'll take photos from those who ask. That being said, the photo in the LO to the right was taken by Stephanie McIntyre. She's got a great eye for image and taking photos. It's the just going into business that's tough.

THe kit used is Autumn by Claudi Designs. And I'm sure the template by ChrissyW.




This is one of my favorite LO so far this summer taking our honeymoon photo from 9 years ago and pairing with a honeymoon photo from today. We are soo blessed, so loved, and are still honeymooning (most nights, anyway).

Kit used is Love This by Pamela Donnis








Hannah has been continuing to take her ballet, tap, jazz class at the Fusion Dance Company in Oak Hill where she's able to spend a couple of hours with D. This was the best solution we, as parents, could. I'm trying to keep my boy from being so distracted...Thank God for Blues Clues

Kit used is Love This by Pamela Donnis







Here I used Bountiful by Sherri Tierney. Gorgeous Kit. Love to work with. . just beautiful.


Amanda said...

Sorry you're still feeling crummy, but you've done some great layouts in your downtime! I hope you're feeling better soon.

KJ said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the LO of your pretty girl in her glasses. It so reminds me of me at that age...but my glasses we bigger cause they didn't make such cute, little, pink glasses back then. LOL!