Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Scrappin' News

Well, this has been a busy weekend for me. Saturday, I went to my very first Shoe Box Swap. It was FANTASTIC. I am so happy that Shelley invited me to attend. And actually, I was one of the hosts! :) Anyway, I made 20 amazing cards to send to people and got 5 hours away from my WHOLE FAMILY! Now, I love my family dearly, but having the opportunity to spend time with some of the most creative and nicest women in the entire world was so much fun. I cannot wait until my next swap!

I have been busy working on Scrapbook Layouts for the Creative Team that I'm a part ofand some layouts to catch me up with my children's lives. Of course, that is near impossible since I have only scrapped about 10 pages of Cayden in all. Here are some of my recent LOs.

Credits: Kit is Yesterday's Blush by CanDesigns. Tab from Holly Jolly by Jenna Robertson. Family Title is by Shalae Tippetts.

Credits: De La Lune QP by Kim Giarrusso

A series of pictures from DS's 1st Birthday Party in April. I'm far behind on scrapping this boy!!!Credits: Cathy's Birthday Bash Add On by Rebecca Lynn; Birthday Kit by Selana; Tape Elements from Party Pants by Miss Mint

And now for some exciting news. I have been chosen to be on Traci Thompson's Creative Team at Make It Scrappy. So to celebrate it's Grand Opening on August 1st, we're having a party!!! Here are the details!!!!

I hope you'll join us for the fun and games. All who register in the month of August will receive a wonderful Freebie Collaboration Kit!!! We're all so very excited. Be sure to visit the Showroom and leave us some love!

And since I don't have any of Traci's products yet, here is my first LO for my MIS Showroom:

Credits: Kit is Fun Flowers by SwordaScrappin (Mollie Pepin). Template Hangin' Around the Third by Tracy Drane.Journaling:This year we celebrated Easter with your good friends, Darby and Kate. Y'all had such a fun time hunting for eggs. Together you found every egg the Easter Bunny hid.

And of course, I'm busy reading the final Harry Potter. I've cried several times, and I'm only halfway through. Crazy, I'm telling you. Of course, I'd be done already had Stephen let me read it first!!! LOL

Friday, July 27, 2007

Time With Family

So several weeks ago, on one HOT Austin day (I know, they have been rare this summer), my little family went to Zilker Park. The kids played on the playground and Hannah fed the swans (or "ducks" as she calls them). Cayden was really into playing ont he playground. He thought he was as big as Hannah and tried to prove it to Mommy and Daddy. Here are some of my recent LOs. These are actually of just Cayden. I need to scrap my little boy, too.

Credits: Kit is Kids Camp by CanDesigns. Can be found here or here. The template is by KimLizzy.

Journaling reads: One Saturday afternoon in July, our family went to play at Zilker Park. You had a blast making new discoveries and spending some one on one time with Daddy.

Credits: Kids Camp by CanDesigns. Template by KimLizzy. Fonts used Lucida Handwriting.

Journaling: Lt. Circle ~ Here you are climbing up a stair ladder. Where'd you learn to do that?? Ctr. Circle ~ You love to swing - FASTER and HIGHER are the ways to go! Rt. Circle ~ This is where I draw the line. There is NO WAY you are climbing up that ladder. Main Image ~ You have become a little boy practically overnight. What happened to my baby

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Exciting News!

Well, it was a goal of mine to blog everday. That goal has been defeated. I'm lucky if I am able to blog once a week. This week may provide me with the opportunity to blog more than once since Hannah is off at Music and Movement Day Camp. The theme is Ocean Life. I guess if I was SuperMom, I'd take some time this week to get in there and take pictures. We'll just have to see about that one.

I have some exciting Digital Scrapbooking news. Last week, I was chosen to be on a Creative Team for CanDesigns. What exactly is a Creative Team(CT)? Well, it's a group of digiscrappers who create layouts for a designer with her products to help boost her sales. I've never been on a CT, but I am loving every minute of it. Now, if my Adobe PSE 5 would just arrive so I can start using it instead of Digital Image Pro (which is just fine, just not my favorite).

The upgraded computer is FANTASTIC. Everything is so much faster that I am so excited about creating more Layouts. Here are my first two for CanDesigns (which can be found at ScrappersZone or DigibyDesign.

Alright, here they are:

Both of these LOs were created with CanDesigns Kit "Sweet Summer Sorbet." I also used templates by KimLizzy.

So, the explanation behind the LOs? These pictures were taken about three weeks before Hannah's very first Dance Recital. She's going to be dancing to the song, "It's a Hard Knock Life," from the musical Annie. On this particular day, Ms. Brianna was introducing to the girls the basics of Tap. Hannah was the only one who brought tap shoes so she was asked to tap around the room to model for the class what tapping is all about. LOL

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Few LOs

I'm sure you all think I am neglecting my family by all the layouts I've been posting lately, but I promise, I do it while they are napping/having quiet time and after they are in bed. Tonight is Stephen's night to put Hannah to bed so I've been able to work this evening. I love it! I'm having so much fun!!!

So I went back in time today and scrapped my little girl with her best friends. Hannah, Darby, and Kate are practically inseparable. They have so much fun when they are together, although at times, the rule of three starts to apply. But that's usually when it's nap time and they are all cranky. I still cannot believe that they have only been friends for a year. It seems like they have been friends all their lives.
This layout was created with A Zesty Summer Add On by Melanie Ann Designs. The sketch was inspired by Maria LaFrance. Glitter flowers by Melanie Violette. Jeweled butterfly by Stephanie Orgen. Kit available at

I noticed that I haven't been scrapping much of Cayden. Of course, part of that is because the Summer Scrapbook is for our playgroup, but I think that I should just create a Summer Scrapbook in general. And that means I need to get more layouts of Cayden. Here's my first Summer Layout of my Baby Boy:This layout was created with Madaleine Engel's kit Summer Celebration available at Scrapbook Bytes.This layout was created with Jeannie Papai's Quick Page from her Boy Trouble Kit.


Have I mentioned that I am on the Steering Team for my MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers)? I'm the Publicity Team Leader which is pretty much the MOPS secretary. I create a monthly newsletter and email list, all advertising sort of things (brochures, business cards, calendars), and maintain the web site. I absolutely love the role I am in. And now, I've decided to start scrapping our meetings. Our coordinator says they are going to start a scrapbook on paper, and that's great, but I've been in MOPS for 3 years now and have not seen any sort of album, so starting this year, I'm going to attempt to take pictures at all our events and meetings and create a digital scrapbook. I'm very excited to start this project. I know that I will love having the memorial and hope that the group appreciates my efforts even though they want to also do a paper one. I think a paper one is a wonderful idea, but I just don't have the time anymore to sit down and scrap like I used to. Hannah is 3 and I have the first 2 years of her life scrapped on paper. Cayden is one and the only thing I've scrapped for him is to put pictures in a scrapbook my sister in law gave me when he was born. Thank goodness she did that or I wouldn't have anything of him scrapped :(

Anyway, I created a little layout and I wanted to share it with y'all. It's very basic as I have added it to our MOPS Web Site. It's just something I made to document our Great MOMS Walk 2007.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


So we took the kids bowling on July 3rd because the weather has been unpredictable. Actually, it has been VERY predictable. It's been raining everyday since June 23rd. I'm ready for the rain to go away, although I'm not sure I'm ready for the HOT days of Summer to arrive. We've had a couple of really hot days, but that was back in May, I believe. It's been high 80s low 90s for the past month or so. But of course, it's also been raining, with record rainfall and lots of flash flooding. I now understand what people in Seattle feel like and why there is a high depression/suicide rate. Lately, it has been hard to get up and move around because it's so gloomy. But the sun is shining today!

Anyway, the kids had a blast bowling. It took us over an hour to play one game with the 6 kids and two babies. We even had two lanes, but preschoolers are very slow. LOL

These pages were created with Megan Shanor's Primary Heat Mini Kit with Bowling embellishments by Bobbi Rosen. The Sketches are by Traci Reed and Kim Johnson.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Here are my first Fourth of July LOs. I'm very pleased with them. Stephanie took the pictures. The one of Hannah and Ryan has to be my favorite.

Credits for the pages go to Angela Sharrow for her Star Spangled QP. Like it, you can find it here. Also for the ribbon and tags ~ Hugs for our American Friends and Liberty Everlasting, both freebies from a Blog Rally.

Here's a page from our evening with the Lamberts. We went and saw the Fireworks on Monday evening as well. That show was beautiful!!!

These pages were made with the help of a quickpage from the Hugs for Our American Friends Blog Rally which starts here