Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chat with SeAScrApS TONIGHT

Join Heidi and me as we host Chat with SeAScrAps tonight in the DST Chatroom at 10 pm EST/ 9 pm.

New Chats at Digishoptalk
Come visit SeAScrApS at her new crops at Digishoptalk on Wednesday nights from 10-11pm Est.

Each week there will be a SeAScrAps Challenge.
She will be promoting one
of her kits from Scrappinfreestyle for 50% off.
This weeks kit is Hugs N Kisses with over 176 elements!!!

It will be an exciting night for everyone and did
I mention there will be freebies.!!!
So mark your calendars for Wednesday nights
from 10-11p.m. and come join the fun.!!!

Wild Wednesday Freebies and SZ CT Call

Okay, since I'm so proud that we've nearly completed the rennovations to our guest bathroom (see my family blog for more of those details), I am sharing two freebie templates with you. The first template is a Christmas Card (from my soon to be in stores Christmas Card Template Collection) and the second is a sample from my soon to be in stores Mega Pack #2. I LOVE this template. It is soooo cute. . . even though it's a Christmas Sketch.

This LO was created with one of my Christmas Kits, Christmas Joy.

And a LO using it:
This LO was created the SFS Element Team December Kit, Holiday Wishes. I just LOVE this kit and think this sketch is soooo adorable and very unique. I love how the little pictures are like ornaments on the tree!

To pick up these templates, click here

And finally, I have made this adorable LO for two different challenges. The first challenge is the Template Challenge at Stone Access Studios. And the Inspirations Challenge at K-JOI Studios. I used Karla Marano's Autumn Abundance Kit for this LO! It's GORGEOUS!

And now, the designers at Scrapper's Zone are looking for a store-wide CT. Please read the ad below and email us if you are interested in applying:

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hannah's Room

So, we have practically finished Hannah's room. All it needs is new flooring! We're so excited. Here's a LO I created in honor of our accomplishment. Click on image for credits.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just some LOs

I'm taking a break from the long day I've had. I've been working in the back room all day, trying to get it in some sort of order. I do not feel like I've accomplished anything. This was supposed to be an "accomplish a lot" weekend with the children at Grandma's and DH home. And what happens? The alternator on our car goes out. It's 50 degrees and raining and my DH, who is not mechanically inclined at all, is outside working on the car.

Thankfully, we have the $$ (that's why there's an emergency fund), and I'm not stressing. I just love it when God puts little bumps in the road for us to travel around.

I'm exhausted from the long weekend which means I should probably be taking a nap, but I just won't give in to the temptation. I would sleep the afternoon away.

I have been working on my December Mega Kit Freebie for SFS. Winter Fiesta. It's turning out really cute. I'm trying to incorporate Mexican Christmas Traditions into a Scrapbooking Kit. We'll see how it turns out.

I did create a few LOs today. I am so pleased with how they've each turned out.
This first LO is of our cousin Nickie and her girls. It was created with Hugs and Kisses by Sandra Adamson (AKA SeASrapS) and is available for sale at Scrappin' Freestyle. This LO is using one of the Quickpages that I've made for next week's Chat with SeAScrapS at DST. Remember, every Wednesday from 10-11 pm EST, we chat at DST. It's a lot of fun so I hope you can join us this Wednesday.
These next two LOs were creating using Heidi's QPs from our Chat with SeAScrapS this past week. The kit is Boyish and Heidi did a fantastic job with these QPs. If you had attended the chat, you know that we actually GAVE the ENTIRE Boyish Kit away!!! But if you missed it, you can pick it up here. It's a great kit. . very fun to work with and very versatile. I love these two LOs. Too bad I can't win a prize. LOL. Anyway, I love how these turned out. I cannot believe how blue my baby's eyes are until I did these LOs. NO touching up was done at all!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Okay. . . the ladies that I am on CTs for are having some FABULOUS sales this weekend.

CanDesigns sells exclusively at Stone Accents Studios. It is a very elegant Scrapbook and Heritage site. If you haven't been over there, check it out. Here is my most recent layout using one of Candee's famous kits. This one is just perfect for the guys in your life.

I created this LO for the Sketch Challenge at BBSD. This LO is dedicated to my wonderful hubby and best friend. Journaling Reads: There have been days when I do not express to you how much I admire and depend on you. Many times you come home at the end of the day, and instead of greeting you with a kiss and a hug, I "throw" our children at you and head for some peace and quiet. And not once, have you even complained to me that I don't appreciate all the hard work you do so that our family can be what we are today. You are exceptional when it comes to being a husband. You put up with a lot of my craziness and crankiness. You help me around the house and with the children, something that many of my friends admire. You have never told me that taking care of the house and our family is my job. And you always find little things to make me feel better when I am worn out. Thank you for being the man you are. I thank the LORD every day for blessing my life with your presence. I love you.

Now, Karla, is also having a smokin' deal at her store, Karla's Kaleidoscope Designs. Looking for a bargain this holiday season? Looking for great kits to use to make holiday gifts? Then I have a sale for you! Nearly every item at KKD is 75% off this weekend. Everything is on sale. I'm also running a Buy The Store promotion now through November 27. You can purchase everything at KKDfor just $20.00! That's $260.00 worth of product for just $20! New products included!!

This LO was created using Karla's Gianni's Tractor Kit which is on sale for $.99 RIGHT NOW!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Early Thanksgiving Day Sale

So I've just completed my fourth Christmas kit of the year. One of them was for the SZ December Mega Kit and the other was for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Freebies at SFS. I have had one up for sale for quite some time and just finished my fourth one this evening. I LOVE IT. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's called Christmas Wishes and it is one of my

favorite kits by far! Just look at how CUTE it is. . . and I'm so proud of that bow!!!

Anyway, this kit is for sale at all three of my stores right now at 40% off. And if you buy the my Christmas Kit Bundle you can get this kit and my Christmas Joy Kit together for $5.50 (that's 50% off the regular prices of each kit). Talk about a deal!!! Go to my stores to purchase them!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fabulously, Fun, Friday Freebie

How's that for alliteration? LOL

It's been a while since I've even thought about giving away a freebie. I've been so busy designing and fulfilling my own CT obligations that I haven't thought to give something to y'all.

I'm very happy with this Template. I love how it's turned out. Click here to get it.

Here's are a couple of my LOs with the template.

This LO was created with Pastel Breezes by Karla Marano.

Created with Backyard Buganza by Karla Marano

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chat with SeASrAps TONIGHT

Come visit SeAScrApS at her new crops at Digishoptalk
on Wednesday nights from 10-11pm Est.
Heidi and Rose are the hosts of these fun chats!!!
Each week there will be a SeAScrAps Challenge. She will be promoting one of her kits for 50%.
Once a month there will be a kit that will be given away for free.
The free kit will be a surprise come on over and see what is happening!!!

There will be a lot of fun and freebies.!!!
So mark your calendars for Wednesday nights from 10-11pm EST, and come join the fun.!!!

This week's featured kit is Bundle of Joy for both Boy and Girl. Attending this crop will get you EIGHT bragbook Quick Pages (4 girl and 4 boy).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sale at SZ

Hello everyone! Have you visited my SZ store lately? It is full of new products that are perfect for those scrapbook LOs, and for TWO DAYS ONLY, all my new products are 40% off!

Here is a preview of what you will find in my store:

NEW STICKERS ~ Create Your Family/Choose a Color


The Ultimate Brag Book Collection #2

AND Grab my Sketch Template MEGA PACK #1 at 25% off :)

Stop on by Scrappers Zone and visit my store to pick up these GREAT DEALS!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My CT Obligations!

I haven't been the greatest CT member. I have rarely been scrapping my own LOs because of all the commitments I have, but I was able to sit down this weekend (between unpacking) and scrap a little bit).
This LO was created with Karla
Marano's "
Gianni's Tractor Kit." It's available at KKD and is super cute for those Little Boy LOs you may need to scrap!

The template is a new one by ME! And it will more than likely be available as a freebie for a short time. But right now, it's just for my LOs.

Journaling reads: Cayden received lots of toys for his first birthday. One of his gifts was a package of little tractors, trucks, and cars. I was finally able to capture Cayden hard at play, driving his trucks all around the living room. May 31, 2007

These next two LOs were created using CanDesigns, "Autumn Wind." It's available at DXD and SAS. I just love it. It's perfect for fall LOs. The templates are both by YSIC Designs. This first template I chose to be for my Template Challenge at BBSD. It's soooo awesome. I love how I was able to get sooo many pictures on the LO without it looking overly cluttered.

Journaling Reads: Journaling Reads:On a beautiful November morning, Cayden played in the leaf file in our backyard while Mommy raked more leaves. The leaves just keep falling and falling with no end in sight. Cayden doesn't mind, though. He had a blast running, jumping, and rolling in the leaf pile. He also enjoyed throwing them up in the air and trying to catch them again. November 8, 2007

Again, this LO was created using CanDesigns, "Autumn Wind." It's available at DXD and SAS. The template is by YSIC Designs and totally perfect for what I wanted to capture in this LO of the little girl that I watch everyday.
Journaling Reads: Playing in the leaves. One beautiful day in November, I raked a huge pile of leaves for the little ones. They had so much fun running and leaping into the leaf pile. Petra expressed sheer joy as she discovered how much fun it is to play in a pile of leaves. 11/8/2007

And finally, I LO with Little Boy by Sarah-Design available at and . I did recolor the original kit pieces to match the pictures. But this kit is super cute, regardless. I am about to work on some Halloween LOs with her Happy Halloween Kit, but this LO will have to do for now. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

SeAScrApS is Back in the Chat Room

Let's welcome back
Chat With SeAScrApS

We are having all chats at Digishoptalk
on Wednesday Nights at 10-11p.m. EST Time.

Each week there will be a SeAScrAps Challenge.
She will be promoting one
of her kits for 50%.
There will be alot of fun and freebies.!!!
So mark your calendars for Wednesday nights
from 10-11p.m. EST and come join the fun.!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking Day


And I am having a huge sale in each of my stores. My stores will be 50% off ALL DAY LONG!!! and. . . you will receive a free grab bag (that is my newest kit) with the purchase of ANYTHING in my store. Can you believe it??????? This kit is soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it's a surprise, which will be revealed on Sunday morning, but if you spend a little in my stores, you will get it for free!!!!

I'm also hosting several template challenges (same template, different prizes) at my stores and at DigiScrapWiki. Lots of fun. . be sure to check everything out. Here's a preview of the template:

And here's my LO using it. This LO was created with Here's my LO with the template. This LO was created with Autumn Abundance by Karla Marano. It is available at Divine Digital. Photos are by Ken McIntyre Photography.Now if you want to use the template, you must go to my challenge sites to get the link for it. Digital Scrap Wiki
Buzy Bee Scrapper

Each place has a different prize :) :) :) so go and play along!!! What a great day for scrappin'