Friday, February 29, 2008

A Couple More LOs

So I finished a couple more LOs this evening. It's amazing how quickly I can throw these together.
I created this LO for two different challenges - the Font Challenge at SAS and the Lyric Challenge at KJOI. I used one of my templates and A Mermaid's Heart by CanDesigns. This LO was created for the Brag Book Challenge at ColorLineDesign. I love this photo of Hannah. She's having so much fun! There's no fake smile here! I used Summer Fun by Sarah-Designs. Template is by Kellie Puddy.
And this LO I created for the Journaling Challenge at CLD. I used Candee's A Mermaid's Heart and a template by me. The journaling is actually the words from Liza Baker's Book, I Love You Because You're You.
I tried to find photos for each of the "I Love Yous" from the story.

I love you when you're happy and grinning ear to ear.I love you when you're sleepy and want to snuggle near.I love you when you're silly and dancing 'round and 'round.I love you when you're frightened and hear a scary sound.I love you when you're bashful and hid beneath my knee.I love you when you're brave, and from my arms you flee.I love you when you're curious and searching here and there.I love you when you're proud, your head held in the air.I love you when you're sick and need to rest in bed.I love you when you're frisky and standing on yoru head.I love you when you're sad and need a kiss and hug.I love you when you're playful and rolling on the rug.I love you when you're angry and cross your arms and pout.I love you when you're wild and yell and scream and shout.I love any way you feel, no matter what you do.I love you any way you are. I love you because you're you!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

LO Log

Okay, now that I have my new laptop, I've been scrapping like made. It's been lots of fun sitting outside in the backyard on the patio swing and scrapping while keeping an eye on the babies. I'm still designing at naptime, but that takes more of my focus than just scrapping photos. This is going to be a crazy number of LOs. Hope you enjoy them.This is my LO for Mrs. Wresh's Week 5 Challenge on her blog. This time she asked us to scrap about a trial we've been through in our lives. My miscarriages were one of the biggest trials I've lived through. This LO says it all. As far as credits are concerned for this LO, I have no idea where I got any of the pieces I used for this LO. The items are from back when I didn't know anything about giving credit to designers and I apologize.

This next LO was created as a part of my Guest CT Spot at Nuts 4 Digi. Hard to believe that starting tomorrow, I won't be serving on their CT anymore. I've had so much fun working with the talented designers and was even featured in the February Newsletter for my The BIG 3-0 LO. This LO of Cayden was created using My Boys by Fiona Renwick. Uncle Kenny surprised us with a visit last weekend and took these fantastic photos of Cayden! It was fun to feature them in this LO.

I also used Fiona's kit to create this LO of Ryan when he was 6 months old. These photos were taken on the day he got his exersaucer. I love all the elements and the swirl in this LO. And of course, Ryan is such a cutie pie!
And here's another LO of my darling little boy. This LO was a scraplift of Leonie by Julia. I used My Favorite Boy by Jill D-Zines.
Nickie and her girls came for a short visit this
past weekend. Our families had breakfast together (minus Hannah and Joel) at Waterloo IceHouse and then the kiddos played on the playground. This LO was created with Nicky by Claudi Designs. I used a template by Mrs. Wresh.

And this LO was created with Pastel Breezes by Karla Marano. This was another scraplift from Nuts 4 Digi.
Uncle Kenny also got some fun shots of Hannah while he was visiting! I featured several of them in this LO using Nicky by Claudi Designs. I used a template by JasJuls of Stone Accents Studio.

One of my favorite photos that Uncle Kenny took is this close up of Hannah. And to make it even more beautiful, I've paired it with Dusty Memories by CanDesigns. The colors of this kit just make the photo POP.
I've also been working with My Love by CanDesigns, which has got to be my favorite kit of the moments. I am just loving working with it. And both of these LOs were also created with template by Chris Young of Heavenly Scraps.

And this LO was created with a template by Kellie Puddy. I've done three completely unrelated LOs using My Love and each one is beautiful!!!

And lastly, this LO was created with Pastel Breezes by Karla Marano. I've used this kit several times but keep coming back to it. I love kits that are so versatile they can be used over and over again for many different photos.
So there you have it. . lots of LOs. I told you there were tons of them. But I've had a blast this week. Of course now, I feel like I'm getting sick so I don't know how much I'll be on the computer. I hope I'm feeling better by the weekend. We have two birthday parties on Saturday which means lots of opportunities for picture taking!!!
Happy Scrappin'!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Designer Chat w/ SeAScrApS - Tonight

Designer's Chat Tonight with SeAScrApSFeb. 27th, 2008Come visit SeAScrApS at her crops at Scrappinfreestyle on Wednesday nights from 10-11pm Est.This week we are having a Designer's Chat with SeAScrAps.
There will be a lot of fun and freebies.!!!
So mark your calendars for Wednesday nights from 10-11p.m. and come join the fun.!!!
She will be promoting one of her kits for 50% from Scrappinfreestyle.This weeks featured kit is February's Child.

This is the second of a 12 month set. It is great for all those February babies. It is geared towards a child's birth month, but the set of 12 put together will make an awesome baby's first album! Each month will have a calender included with it and post it notes to journal all your child's first moments for the year.
It can be used for any age child as you can customize the calender for any year-it is a very very versatile set!!!! So collect all 12 of them as they become available!!!
There is a Layout Challenge each week for chat participants to participate. Post a layout using the week's featured kit in the You Know You Want It Gallery at SFS and you are eligible to win a free kit from SeAScrApS. Layouts can be created with the purchased kit or the freebies provided at the chat. Remember, the featured kit is on sale at 50% off!
Gallery for Challenge With SeAScrApS

ADSR Season 3, Week 1, Challenge 2

Our Week 1, Challenge 2 LO is complete! Read all about it on our Team Blog

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrappin' Lady Horns - ADSR Week #1

It is week one of the Amazing Digi Scrap Race! I have teamed up with fellow designer and Austinite Patricia of DigiHeaven Designs. I'm so excited to be teamed up with her. To make our team reflect who we are, we've named ourselves the Scrappin' Lady Horns. We don't have a blinkie yet, but I'm sure by the end of the race we will have one.

This week's challenge was to use the following Sketch in a LO and to make it ours. We were asked to use our favorite color on the layout. Try to make at least half of our layout in our favorite color so all can see what it is. We were also asked to share a picture of our favorite person or animal to scrap about on our layout. And finally we were asked to go through our collection of digital elements and pick out one of our favorites. Then use it at least three times on our layouts.

This LO was really hard for me to scrap because I love to scrap both of my kids. I figure there will be plenty of opportunities to scrap each of them, so my first LO features Hannah.

This entire LO was created using Glitzy Girlfriends by RoseMcDigital Designs. Template is by Christy Haig. Fonts is a Custom Signature Font by Darcy Baldwin at

And my teammate, Patricia, has also completed her LO! Click on her LO for all credits

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Template Challenges Spotlight

Since I host a variety of Template Challenges out there in the digital scrappin' world, I thought I would spotlight some of my favorite LOs using my templates! As always, click on the LO for full credits.

At Scrapper's Zone, we have a brand new challenge for a brand new SZ.

Here's a LO by Robin L.

Clara Sue's is just soooo cute. Clara Sue is on my CT. She does a great job!!

And one by Sharon

Over at KJOI, I have tons of participants in my template challenges. I am always overwhelmed to see the response at this site. It makes my template making seem really worth the extra time I take to create them. Here are my favorite three:

Callista GroovyGranny HippiChick
I host biweekly challenge at SFS. Here are a few of my favorites from the first half of February:


And finally over at Make It Scrappy, I've just begun hosting a template challenge with Tracy Drane.

And Tracy played this time around:

Kreative Junkie


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me Be Bloggin'

Okay, it's been a few days. Life in the McIntyre Household is crazy. We're finally back into some sort of routine after the whole family being sick and cranky, only to learn that Hannah's best friend has the flu! She work up from her nap today with such a high temp that Mom took her to the doctor. Ugh. . . .poor Darby.

And to make matters worse, we played with her all afternoon. :( We hope Darby starts feeling better, but we also hope we don't get it. . . . stay away you nasty flu!!! And of course, it's the flu that the flushot doesn't protect against. . . what is up with that??

So, I've been working with a kit from Fiona Renwick over at N4D. It's called My Boys and is just about my favorite kit at the moment. It's sooo cute. And I have lots of photos of boys to scrap! So. . . . here are my first two LOs. This is a double LO of a shared birthday party from last year.

Barrett and Ryan share a birthday. So each year, they share a party. Lots of fun for the birthday boys! Love these two LOs!!

And the LOs I created with the quickpages I made for this week's chat (that I had to miss due to Hannah's misbehavior. Sometimes we just have to be a parent first). This week's kit was Siblings and these were my participation prizes!! Super cute kit. I love it. Fun LOs, too!

And finally! Scrapper's Zone is Back in Business! We are under new management and better than ever!!! I'm so excited to announce the Re-Grand Opening of Scrapper's Zone. Come and visit us on Saturday. There will be amazing sales, fun, and games. Be sure to register at the forum and galleries. I will be having everything in my store marked 50% off! EVERYTHING!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Jesus and Love Notes

Mrs. Wresh has posted her Week 4 Challenge on her blog. Be sure to check it out because there is an awesome template she is offering as well.

This week's challenge is to scrap what we believe about God. This took some real thought. I can tell anyone what I think about God, but to scrap it was difficult. I found the photo for my LO in a bunch of VBS photos from our old church. I think the photo says it all, but my journaling is very heartfelt.

I used the template Mrs. Wresh provided and SeAScrApS's kit, Remember. It's very simple but speaks volumes. You see, it has taken me at least 15 years to realize that Christianity IS NOT about forcing people to hear the Gospel message. It isn't all about "winning souls to heaven" or whatever you would like to call it. I think that deep down, I have known this all along, but now, it makes me sad to see many churches preaching only about how Jesus has come to the earth to save us and how the Lord would condemn all the bad or "evil" things in the world. It makes me very sad when I realize that if you really pay attention to the Bible and the story it tells us, Christ came to everyone; He met them where they were at and embraced them. I now see that to be a Christian means to love everyone. Accept them for who they are and where they are in their lives. All I know is now it doesn't matter to me if someone is churched, unchurched, a believer, non-believer, muslim, jew, etc. All I care about is loving them for who they are and where they are at in their life.

Okay. . that got a little more philosophical than I intended, but now it's all out in the open for all to see. That's who I am.

And just so you all know, I have found my designing Mojo and in the past few days, I have cranked out 4 kits. . . 3 Site Collaboration kits, and 1 designer collaboration kit. I'm so excited about them!! They are all super cute. I have one more site collab kit to get finished and my ET contribution for March, but I have all week.

And speaking of collaboration kits, have you seen the one for February at KJOI Studios? It is so awesome. We call it Love Notes. It's for sale in the KJOI Store for $12.50

Love Notes Collaboration Kit is a kit that you must have for scrapping those valentine's, romance, wedding, and LOVE photos! The elements in the kit could also be used for heritage and family pages!

Included in the kit are:
57 textured and patterned papers (all 12 x 12 300 dip/ppi)
12 frames
41 ribbon/bows/lace elements
11 tags
3 alphas
13 flowers
34 misc. elements
16 brag book sized (4x6) quick pages
10 12 x 12 sized quick pages
You will be able to scrap many layouts with this kit!

Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake and SeAScraps. font credits: Cheshire Initials and Bradley Gratis.

And here is my part of the kit:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hannah's Pre-K Scrapbook

I'm creating a Scrapbook for Mrs. Keri of this school year. I'm hoping to have enough pictures to order a Shutterfly Book, but I may have to just do an album because I will want to have Pre-K Graduation LOs in the book and I wouldn't be able to give her the book on the last day of school.

Anyway, here's the book so far.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Challenge Chat w/ SeAScrApS TONIGHT

Come visit SeAScrApS at our last chat at Digishoptalk tonight from 10-11pm Est.
There will be a SeAScrAps Challenge. Heidi and I will be promoting one of her kits for 50% from Scrappinfreestyle. This week's featured kit is Tooth Story. There will be alot of fun and freebies.!!! This is a great all purpose kit for all those teeth moments in life. Some elements not shown in the preview as there wasn't enough room. Great for all those teething, braces or tooth fairy moments.

Come join the Challenge Chat with SeAScrApS at DST for the last crop there.

Starting next Wednesday, we will be hosting the Challenge Chat at SFS.

Participation prizes for all participants and discount coupons as prizes for our games. And once a month, one of us will by GIVING AWAY the featured kit for free!! But it's a surprise and we're never gonna let you know when during the month it will happen SOOOOO don't miss a single chat, especially if you love her kits!!!!
There is also a Layout Challenge for each chat. When you purchase the kit, or use the freebies to complete a layout and upload it to the You Know You Want It Gallery at SFS, before the next chat, we will pick a winner and that person will win a free kit from Sandra's store. So make sure you get your layouts uploaded prior to this evening's chat, and don't forget, you may use the freebie QPs for this challenge!! If you were there last week, be sure to upload a LO for the contest!!! Also when uploading your layouts please include an email addy in the description so that if you miss the next chat and you are the winner you still get your coupon code for the free kit! Hope to see you there !!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Texas Two Step Template Challenge

So, Tracy Drane has agreed to share the Make It Scrappy Template challenge with me. I'm sooo excited. This week's template is brought to you by ME :) and just for playing and posting you will receive a free Sampler of my Chocolate Kisses kit. :) How fun is that?

Here's the template:

Download HERE

Just be sure to mosey on over to Make It Scrappy and play along :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

And even more LOs

So I've got Designer's Block. I'm supposed to be working on several portions of different Mega Kits as well as my ET contribution for SFS and I just can't get into the designing groove. I have been scrapping over the past few days, though. It's amazing how quickly I can do a LO. And I've been going back into my photos and scrapping like crazy. And it's so much fun. Here's the run down. As always click on the LO for full credits.
These two LOs were created using KylieM Designs's kit, Swirls are for Boys Too.

Journaling reads: These photos document Cayden’s first punishment.As much as it hurt me to put him in time out and see his tears streaming down his face, he and Petra both knew better than to write on one another with one of Hannah’s markers. And the “artwork” isn’t what put them in time out. It was the fact that they tried to hide themarker from me. Little did they know, the proof was written all over their faces.January 21, 2008

This next one is of Hannah learning to ride her bike. I used SeAScrApS's Born to Ride for this LO:I created this LO with Timeless by SeAScrApS. This LO was created for Mrs. Wresh's Week 3 Challenge on her blog. She challenges you to scrap an inanimate object that means a lot to you. My Wedding Dress is one of those objects.Journaling reads: Some might think that once you’ve worn your wedding gown, all the sentiment from it is gone. And most girls only wear their wedding dress once - at their weddings. My wedding dress means so much more than the gown I walked down the aisle in - this dress is the only one in the world, and it was made just for me by a family friend. And what makes it even more special is Hannah’s baptismal gown was made from the train of my dress. Her dress even has the lace from mine. To make it even a little more sentimental, one year after she was baptized, I was able to fiit into my wedding gown again and we were able to have our picture made together in our special dresses.

This is a LO I created using Lliella Designs Fancy Hearts Club. Just Daddy and me.

And finally, the other Halloween Party LO:

That's all. I'm beat so good night!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Scrappin' Fun

Like I said in a previous post, I've been scrappin' Hannah's school year. I got a couple LOs done from her first field trip and Halloween party.
This first LO is of Hannah's first field trip to Build A Bear Workshop with her class. At the beginning of the school year, they took a trip in order to make their class bear. At first I thought this was a strange idea for a field trip, but every Friday, Sam gets to go home with one of the kids. Hannah had so much fun the weekend we kept Sam. He went everywhere with us, and we kept track of our weekend in the class journal. And I even made a few brag book pages to document our weekend as well. For full credits, click on LO.
This next LO is the first LO from Hannah's Halloween Party. The kids had a fantastic time dressing up as their favorite characters and playing the games Mrs. Keri planned for them. Of course, the other Halloween Party LO is on the desktop and has not been uploaded to any of my galleries yet, so I will have to edit this blog entry later on today. Again, for full credits, click on the LO.

And now, on to a couple CT LOs . This first one is of Hannah and her good friend, Steven, at a Joe McDermott Sing A Long last summer.
The kit I used is called Swirls are for Boys, Too. It is by KylieM Designs and available at Nuts4Digi. This is my first Guest CT LO for February. I've been slacking a bit in this area after being ill last week. It has taken a lot to get me back in the groove of things.

And finally, Stephanie and Shelley have inspired me to participate in Mrs. Wresh's 12 Week Challenge that she has posted on her blog. I missed last week due to being sick, but I've got this week's LO completed in time. This is also another CT LO. This time I used Fancy Hearts Club by Lliella Designs.
And again, for full credits on any LO, just click on it!