Monday, February 11, 2008

And even more LOs

So I've got Designer's Block. I'm supposed to be working on several portions of different Mega Kits as well as my ET contribution for SFS and I just can't get into the designing groove. I have been scrapping over the past few days, though. It's amazing how quickly I can do a LO. And I've been going back into my photos and scrapping like crazy. And it's so much fun. Here's the run down. As always click on the LO for full credits.
These two LOs were created using KylieM Designs's kit, Swirls are for Boys Too.

Journaling reads: These photos document Cayden’s first punishment.As much as it hurt me to put him in time out and see his tears streaming down his face, he and Petra both knew better than to write on one another with one of Hannah’s markers. And the “artwork” isn’t what put them in time out. It was the fact that they tried to hide themarker from me. Little did they know, the proof was written all over their faces.January 21, 2008

This next one is of Hannah learning to ride her bike. I used SeAScrApS's Born to Ride for this LO:I created this LO with Timeless by SeAScrApS. This LO was created for Mrs. Wresh's Week 3 Challenge on her blog. She challenges you to scrap an inanimate object that means a lot to you. My Wedding Dress is one of those objects.Journaling reads: Some might think that once you’ve worn your wedding gown, all the sentiment from it is gone. And most girls only wear their wedding dress once - at their weddings. My wedding dress means so much more than the gown I walked down the aisle in - this dress is the only one in the world, and it was made just for me by a family friend. And what makes it even more special is Hannah’s baptismal gown was made from the train of my dress. Her dress even has the lace from mine. To make it even a little more sentimental, one year after she was baptized, I was able to fiit into my wedding gown again and we were able to have our picture made together in our special dresses.

This is a LO I created using Lliella Designs Fancy Hearts Club. Just Daddy and me.

And finally, the other Halloween Party LO:

That's all. I'm beat so good night!


D said...

Such a sad little face in Time out! Sounds like he definitely knew he was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing.

Love the LO about your wedding dress and your daughter's blessing dress! That's so awesome that you have been able to wear your dress more than once and always on such special occasions. Brilliant idea to make your daughter's dress from your train too!

JanMary said...

That is a wonderful photo of you both in your dresses, and that the baptismal gown was made from your train.

Hope you get your designing inspiration back soon.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous layouts! I'm giggling over the time out one pictures. Great journaling to show what happened!

Have a great day!

20Birds said...

i love your jouranling on the dress... all the layouts are neat, but that photo of you two is so lovely

Scrapmuch said...

LOVE the dress layout! What great journaling! your other layouts aregreat, too :-)

good like finding your inspirations - in time, in time!

KJ said...

Wow! I love the LO of you and Hannah in your dresses - what a special memory. My dress is still hanging in it's bag in my closet.

Anonymous said...

Love the LO's you do Rose, they are amazing. I really loved the one of you and Hannah with your special dresses, makes me want to get mine out of storage. And Cayden's face is well....priceless!