Sunday, November 11, 2007

My CT Obligations!

I haven't been the greatest CT member. I have rarely been scrapping my own LOs because of all the commitments I have, but I was able to sit down this weekend (between unpacking) and scrap a little bit).
This LO was created with Karla
Marano's "
Gianni's Tractor Kit." It's available at KKD and is super cute for those Little Boy LOs you may need to scrap!

The template is a new one by ME! And it will more than likely be available as a freebie for a short time. But right now, it's just for my LOs.

Journaling reads: Cayden received lots of toys for his first birthday. One of his gifts was a package of little tractors, trucks, and cars. I was finally able to capture Cayden hard at play, driving his trucks all around the living room. May 31, 2007

These next two LOs were created using CanDesigns, "Autumn Wind." It's available at DXD and SAS. I just love it. It's perfect for fall LOs. The templates are both by YSIC Designs. This first template I chose to be for my Template Challenge at BBSD. It's soooo awesome. I love how I was able to get sooo many pictures on the LO without it looking overly cluttered.

Journaling Reads: Journaling Reads:On a beautiful November morning, Cayden played in the leaf file in our backyard while Mommy raked more leaves. The leaves just keep falling and falling with no end in sight. Cayden doesn't mind, though. He had a blast running, jumping, and rolling in the leaf pile. He also enjoyed throwing them up in the air and trying to catch them again. November 8, 2007

Again, this LO was created using CanDesigns, "Autumn Wind." It's available at DXD and SAS. The template is by YSIC Designs and totally perfect for what I wanted to capture in this LO of the little girl that I watch everyday.
Journaling Reads: Playing in the leaves. One beautiful day in November, I raked a huge pile of leaves for the little ones. They had so much fun running and leaping into the leaf pile. Petra expressed sheer joy as she discovered how much fun it is to play in a pile of leaves. 11/8/2007

And finally, I LO with Little Boy by Sarah-Design available at and . I did recolor the original kit pieces to match the pictures. But this kit is super cute, regardless. I am about to work on some Halloween LOs with her Happy Halloween Kit, but this LO will have to do for now. :)


Amy B. said...

Good job on the layouts. The are really great! I know what you mean about CT commitments. I'm on 3 with one of them being VERY laid back. I don't know how people do much more than that! But some do and they are very good at it.

Monique said...

Beautiful layouts, I just loooove leaf pile photos! Have a great week!