Tuesday, October 23, 2007

With Love for Elise

My special kit, With Love for Elise is now for sale in my Scrappers Zone Store. I am working on getting it up at BBSD and KJOI Studios as well. The album/memory/baby book is not complete yet. It is not available in my stores. I am working on a very personal memory book that you can use to help scrap your baby. The cost of my kit is $10.00. Proceeds will benefit Silent Grief. And right now it is being offered at an introductory cost of $6.00
When a baby dies, you lose the memories that you would have created in your future together. For some parents, finding ways to create mementos is important to their grief process. The following ideas may help you decide how you might want to honor and cherish the memories that you can create for you and your baby. Your baby deserves a scrapbook to remember his or her short life, and it can be very healing to create a scrapbook for your baby. Included in this kit you will receive:
11 Patterned Papers
5 Ribbons
3 Bows
17 Word Art Files
1 Footprints Sticker
1 Handprints Sticker
5 Bunches of Balloons
1 Memory Charm Bracelet
24 Quote and Title Files
How to Scrapbook Your Baby word document by Emily Wilberg
Proceeds from sales of this kit will be donated to Silent Grief (http://www.silentgrief.com/) a place that provides support for all who have suffered miscarriage and later child loss.
A message from Clara Hinton:
I would like to extend my personal welcome to every one who visits SilentGrief.com. It is my prayer that you will find SilentGrief.com to be a safe place of healing, support, and hope during your time of grief, loneliness, and depression. Child loss, whether miscarriage, stillbirth, or older loss, is a pain like none other. It is my heartfelt desire that this will become your place to receive daily nourishment, friendship, and support for child loss so that you will never have to feel alone or silent in your grief again


thumper6423 said...

This is a great thing you're doing!

D said...

That is awesome!