Friday, September 12, 2008

Facing CT Rejection

So there is a particular site that I visit in the digital scrapbooking world almost daily. I will continue to visit there and play along with their challenges. I will continue to purchase kits from some of my favorite designers and use the points I earn in their shop. But I do not know if I will continue applying to be on CTs for their designers. I've applied to be on 4 CTs at this site. I love each designers work so much that I cannot stop using their products, and I don't want to name them in public because I don't want anything bad to be said about them as designers, BUT I will point out that the majority of the members of their CTs are the same. I don't understand why you make a CT call for new talent, but then choose the same people as your fellow designers. And not only that, but make them the same people who are on the SITE CT. Ridiculous. That's all I have to say.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I've had a run of rejections lately. Who knows. I've been out of my element and attempting to make it up to the ladies I CT for (who are ALL amazing). But at the same time, I'd love to work with some awesome new stuff w/o going broke (If you know what I mean). Ugh.

Okay, I'm done. Here are my latest LOs

Using Beauty in Mind by Claudi Designs. Best of Both Worlds was LOTD at Sunshine Studios yesterday!


Using Preppy Boy by Sherri Tierney.

babyblue 10years_edited-1


Using Build a Dream by Traci Reed


Using Requiem by the ES Designers


Using Delicate Garden by the ES Designers.


Using Teacher's Pet by Melissa Bennet

cayden1st_edited-1 cayden1st2

Kindergarten2 teased

Using Afternoon Giggles by Lliella Designs



Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

Your LOs are beautiful, these designers just don't know what their missing out on! And you are NOT sucking! Anytime at all that you want anything of mine, you just holler & it's yours!

Debbie said...

You know we love you Rose :) Can't wait until we are able to get back into it :)

Amanda said...

I think that's how a lot of the designers are (not you!) and they're the ones missing out. They'd get their products out to a much wider audience if they'd use different people. Instead sometimes they alienate customers by using the same ones because a lot of times those are the same snotty ones that post at DST. I'm tired of all the designers and scrappers gone wild antics. I for one love your layouts! I'd put you on my CT if I designed anything.

Jaana Säker said...

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KatLen said...

these layouts are beautiful.
I know of several places with CT calls right now. talk to me.