Thursday, September 25, 2008

FOB2Y and some LOs


This week's SSD Blog Post was a typing test.  And I hate to say it but this test sucks.  What kind of test is just mumbo jumbo and no real sentences?  That's just unheard of.  I usually test around 90 wpm, and with this test I just could not get it together.  So. . .

77 words

Typing Test


But here are the LOs I've been working on the past several weeks.  I've been exhausted, both physically and mentally but have had a wonderful time making this LOs.

Adorable CT LO using Bright and Funky by Willro&co.


Just a fun LO of my nephew, Chase, using Hey Sport by Melissa Bennett


Another fun LO using High Fidelity by Cori Gammon


A LO of a couple of my favorite little guys playing together.  This time I used Build a Dream by Traci Reed.


This one is using Ocean's Life by Pamela Donnis (I'm on her CT!)goofy

Baby Greta snoozing, using Sleeping Beauty by SeAScrApS


My favorite eyes.  This is using Soft Stars by Claudi Designs


Another one using Soft Stars by Claudi


This one is using a variety of designers.  Click on LO for all credits.


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KJ said...

Wow! Lots of LOs to look through, My favorite is "smiling eyes" . It's such a great LO. way to go!