Friday, April 11, 2008

Couple of blog worthy LOs

Just kidding.  All my LOs are blog worthy :)

But I'm really proud of these three.  I'm not a big cluster or element person, so creating these really got me out of my box.  But I think they are awesome.


LO #1 - Perfect Popsicle Weather created with Spring Fling Bling by Lliella Designs.


LO #2 - Kavi created with All Star Male from Designs by Marguerite


LO #3 - Interview w/ Myself created with Rose and Mermaid's Heart by CanDesigns.  This is my LO for Mrs. Wresh's blog challenge, week 11.  Kim challenged us to think of 10 questions that we would want to ask a living or deceased.  Then, instead of actually interview the person, we were to answer the questions ourselves.  So here's my extra long LO.  Journaling shared below the LO.


There are so many things I wish I had asked Granny and Grandaddy before they passed away. Knowing that I did not take the chance I had to ask them these questions, I thought I would share my personal answers to these questions with my future grandchildren, just in case they grow up wishing they knew more about me one day.
1. When did you first realize that Stephen was the man you wanted to marry? You know, I tease Stephen because in high school I had such a crush on him that I used to write, “Rose McIntyre” on my notebooks and things, but in reality, it wasn’t until we had been dating several months. I had just started college and really wasn’t sure if Stephen was the “right” man for me. One day, I had decided to break off our relationship. That day, I said a prayer asking the Lord to guide me to make the right decision as far as our relationship was concerned. That evening, as I got into my car to head home from school, I noticed an envelope on my windshield. It was a note from Stephen letting me know how much he cared about me. From that moment on, I knew that Stephen would one day be my husband.
2. You always appear to be so happy with one another. How do you keep your relationship so positive?
 Stephen and I have a rule to never go to bed angry. This advice that his cousin Donna gave us before our wedding. I know it sounds cheesy but we really have never gone to bed while in a disagreement - Even in the first years of our marriage. It has never been an option for one of
us to sleep on the couch. We’ve stayed up pretty late before arguing, but we always attempt to work out our differences and come to some sort of compromise before turning in for the night. Some nights have seemed sleepless, but in the end, it’s been worth it. We have a really strong relationship because of this one rule in our home.

3. How often do you go out as a couple and not the whole family?   This year, we have implemented a monthly date night. Even if the date is just a picnic in our living room, we get a sitter and spend some time together. This is something that has been lacking since adding Cayden to our family. But we realize how important this time alone with one another is to our happiness as a family
4. How often do the two of you pray together? Right now, Stephen and I rarely take the time to pray as a couple. This is something I really would like to start doing again. We did it while we were dating and at the beginning of our marriage, but as time continues to pass by, we have forgotten how important it is to pray with one another as well as for each other aloud on a daily basis.
5. Do you ever spend time away from one another, aside from your daily jobs? Yes I have a weekly coffee night with my girlfriends. We meet at Starbucks and take a break from our life. It’s usually after our kiddos are in bed. This allows me to vent and relax away from everything. Every now and then, Stephen goes out for drinks with his friend, Jeremy. It is so important to have other friends to spend time with.
6. You seem very strong in your faith. Have you always had a relationship with Christ?   I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t go to church. My parents took me to church since I was a very young child. My faith has always been an important part in my life. I do know that in high school, I probably did not share my faith in the best ways. But I do know that regardless of what someone believed, I always reached out and cared about anyone I called my friend. Some of my closest friends were not Christian, and although I may not have agreed with their lifestyles, I never stopped loving them. I did go through a time where I question how I was living my life as a “Christian,” and questioned everything I was taught about being a Christian. The conclusion I have come to is that my parents did the best they could to teach me the basic principles of Christianity. It is now up to me to live my life the way the Lord would want me to as well as teach my children about His love.
7. How did you share Christ with your children? I really want my kids to have a strong relationship with Christ. I want them to turn to him just like they would turn to a friend. Since Hannah was little, I have always sang songs to her about how much Jesus loves her. I have continued this tradition with Cayden. I also talk very openly about what Jesus has done for us all. Both my children have known for as long as I can remember, that Jesus died on the cross for us and then rose from the grave so we can go to heaven. I know they do not fully understand this concept, but they know that Jesus loves them very much. Aside from just making Him a part of our daily life, I also pray with and for my children every day. And not only do I pray, but I pray aloud. Hannah lovesit when I talk to Jesus about her. It is my prayer that Cayden will, too.
8. What have you learned the most since becoming a parent? I really understand how much the Lord loves me. I will always be there for my children, regardless of what they do and the decisions they make. No matter what, my love for them will never change.
9. Do you have any advice you want to leave for the generations to come?  Start praying for your future spouse as soon as you are able. I prayed for my future husband starting when I turned 16. I also kept a book of letters that I wrote to him. I gave these letters to Stephen the day we were married.
10. Do you have a favorite Bible verse? If so, what is it and why is it your favorite?   Romans 8:28 - "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Why is this my favorite verse? I have seen this verse happen numerous times when bad things have happened in my life and the lives of others.


D said...

Beautiful! I have a hard time doing cluster/whitespace LOs too. Yours look awesome!

Love the journaling! This page will be really special for your descendents.

thumper6423 said...

Great layouts! I have a hard time with clusters too. I really like the Perfect Popsicle Weather one. I have that kit too, I just need to use it. It's nice to see it used for something other than Easter layouts.