Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just some LOs

Life has been so hectic around here.  I feel like I'm constantly saying that.  But we have been so full of activities and whatnot that we haven't been home much.  But when we are a home, we are either outside in the backyard or off on walks.  It's been great spending so much time with the kiddos. 

I have been able to get some scrapping in when I have the opportunity. And I even had my first photo shoot.  I was asked by a friend's mom to come and photograph her niece and fiance for some engagement type photos.  Their last name is/will be Morrow and there is a street in Austin with the same name, so I was asked if I would come and take photos of the beautiful couple in front of the sign.  I'm not a professional by any means.  In fact, all I have is a point and shoot camera, but Edie did have a really nice FujiFilm camera that I was able to use for most of the photos.  And I did take some with my little camera and even those photos were awesome.  That being said, I created a couple of LOs using the photos I shot.  As always, click on the LO for credits.



That's all I've done with the couple photos.  There are several more I'd love to scrap.  Thinking about having them printed as a gift for the happy couple.  Such sweethearts!!

And of course, I did get some LOs of Cayden scrapped.  His 2nd birthday is NEXT WEEK.  Hard to believe he's almost two.




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