Sunday, August 3, 2008

DST is turning 2!!

And there's a huge celebration going on in the forums!!  And the best part is that I'm the host of one of the Birthday Challenges!!!  Me!!!  So head on over and participate in the Equestrian Layout Challenge (i.e. Template Challenge!) 

We've laid out a course for you to follow with this template challenge. Add your own creative touch for a little 'dressage' and show-jump your layout into the winner's stable! You can use either template and feel free to alter them to fit your needs. Just click on the photo to be taken to the challenge!

All who participate will receive my Brag Book Template Collection #3 :)

Happy Scrapping.

Here are my Latest LOs -

birthday1 sweetbaby

treasured  hannah1

And as I was making my blog rounds, visiting my favorites, I came across this from Kari.  Sooo sweet!

So I'm sharing the love with a few of my favorite bloggers.

Mrs. Wresh - I love her blog, too.  I love the stories she shares about her family, her scraps, and her faith.

Amanda - I love to read about her life as a military wife and mommy of boys.  She's lots of fun and as sweet as can be.

Jen - This is my wonderful friend from CA.  We met online - then met in person when our girls were 3 months old.  Now she's my CA Sister.  Love you, gal!

Steph - I love keeping up with her now that we've found each other (on a fluke) again.

Shaunna - This is my one of my best friends' sister's blog.  I know. . but I love reading it!

and finally

Kim - I love her funny antics and all her stampin'!


Mrs. Wresh said...

Hey girl! That is so sweet! Thank you!

I am about to have a heart attack trying to figure out how to redo this blog. If I am actually able to do it - it will be a miracle!!!

Big Hugs and Happy Sabbath!


Shaunna said...

oh, hooray!! Thanks for the call out ;) Thanks! I'm impressed with your blog - such an inspiration =)

thumper6423 said...

Awww, thanks! You're too sweet!

I love the layouts. The last one is my favorite.

Kim Williams said...

Thank you! You are too sweet!

There are sure to be more antics posted in the following days/week as I get caught up around here. And I have a catalog for you if you don't already have that should tempt you over...rofl!

Thank you again...Have a great night!