Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Utterly Exhausted

Why doesn't Kindergarten come w/ a warning - CAUTION: Parents will feel completely exhausted and emotionally drained by the end of each day. Do not try to do more than one activity in a day until you are used to the new schedule.

That being said, I did not realize that taking on a new position as a Teacher's Aide at Noah's Ark preschool was literally going to kick my behind, and we haven't even started school.  Just 2 days a week.  It's still hard work.  I'm in mid-process of putting up our welcoming bulletin board - it's really cute.  I'm just going to see if I can make it even cuter - and of course finish it by noon on Thursday.  Now remember, I don't go back until tomorrow.

And what will I do this afternoon before picking up Hannah?  I will take a nap.  I much needed, not sleeping through the night, midafternoon nap.

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Amanda said...

If it helps, when Zach started K I was pregnant with Aaron, and since it was only a half day program the only thing I usually accomplished was a nap.