Sunday, December 30, 2007

A few new LOs

I know I should be scrappin' Christmas pictures, but I just cannot get motivated. I'm dealing with two cranky children, PMS, and just the blahs. But I did get a couple LOs done today and I want to share the calendars that I made with everyone. The calendars were a lot of fun to create. There are two different versions of the photo calendars. One for the grandparents and then one for my sister. In her calendar, I included photos of her godson, Cade. The calendars were a big hit, especially Heather's. She and Eddie were totally surprised to find photos of all three of their "kiddos" in the album.

I think I failed to announce that I have been invited to serve on the CT for the scrap site Color Line Design. I ran across a template by Kellie Puddy and created a LO. She spotted the LO at DST and actually RAK'ed me with a $10 coupon to the CLD store. I absolutely fell in love with the designers there and am now serving on the Creative Team as a CLD Babe. I've been having fun creating LOs using the kits from August Designs and BooLand Designs. Here are my newest LOs using some products from CLD.

These two LOs were created using Selena's Treasure by BooLand Designs. This is a QuickPage Album featuring 9 inspirational quotes. I love the two pages I chose to create LOs with. And the photos that Uncle Kenny took this past spring and summer were the perfect fit for the softness of the pages.
This LO was created using Cars Go Beep, Beep by August Designs. This kit is just so adorable. The template I used is from my Sketch Template Mega Pack 2 which you can pick up at at SZ or KJOI at 40% off until the 4th! That's 30 sketches for $6.00!!!

And I created this LO for one of my Creative Teams, CanDesigns. This kit is one of her latest kits. She calls it Pretty Flowers and it is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait to scrap Spring photos using this kit. . . of course, I REALLY need to print out my LOs before I keep creating more and more. . .I'm getting soooo behind. AHHHH. Anyway, I just can't stop myself. I also used another template from my Sketch Template Mega Pack 2

And lastly, this is a LO I created for the Hawt Mama Blog End of Year LO Contest. I haven't scrapped Hannah's year in review, but here is Caydens. I used the template provided at the blog and April's Child from SeAScrApS's Month Child Series for the kit of my choice. I don't know if they will think it's a winner, but I certainly do.

Journaling reads: Have you really been in my life for 21 months? Where has the time gone? I am still in disbelief that we are about to say goodbye to 2007 and all it has brought to us. Watching you grow over the past twelve months has been amazing. At the beginning of the year, you were not even crawling and now you are climbing! You are definitely a little boy and a lot more physical than you sister ever was! You keep us on our toes to say the least. I have enjoyed being mommy to my sweet boy. It makes me feel special to hear you say, "Want Mommy." And to hear you say, "Love you, Mommy" is music to my ears. You've gone through many changes this year and have grown so much. But there are two things that haven't changed over the past twelve months. And those are your big blue eyes and your sweet disposition. I love you.

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KJ said...

Wow. You've been busy and, as always, all your pages look great!