Sunday, December 30, 2007

NEW Sketch Template Mega Pack, RoseMcDigital Designs TOUs AND 2008 Calendar Pages

I have a new Sketch Template Mega Pack in my stores now. The second round of my sketch templates is finally here in a Mega Pack. This is ANOTHER collection of my famous Sketch Templates saved as layered PSD files. Once again these templates can be used together to create two page layouts or on their own to scrap that perfect page! Using templates will cut your scrapping time in half allowing you to preserve more memories at one time and that makes me HAPPY! Here's a preview:

You can pick this up at SZ or KJOI at 40% off until the 4th! Happy Scrappin' That's 30 sketches for $6.00!!!

I have decided that I am so tired of all the confusing TOU out there with digital scrapbook products. I am guilty of having a very nonspecific TOU in my products, but not anymore. ALL my products are now available as Scrap for Hire (S4O). If you want to purchase my items and use them to create a scrapbook for someone else, go for it. Until recently, I had no idea that doing that was wrong. I have never done scrap for hire, but I have been asked by several to do so, so now that I know I have to be careful with what I use in those projects, I want to make scrapping as easy for the digiscrapper as it can be. My items are not for commercial use, meaning, I do not want someone else to use my items to make $$ in the digital world. But in the printable world, go for it!!!

I am now following the STOUI graphics which should make things so much easier.

Just thought I'd let y'all know. You will find the key for my TOU under my designer blinkies!

Here are the calendars that I created for the grandparents and my sister this Christmas. There are a few months with two pages because Heather's calendar includes pictures of Cade. I think they were all pretty pleased!


JanMary said...

Thanks for changing you TOU - I do S4O and it is great to discover another designer who allows it.

michellewaite1 said...

Cute Calendar.