Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lookin' for LOs??

Well, I've got plenty to share with everyone. I thought I was hitting a roadblock in my scrappin' life, but looking through some older, non-digital wedding photos has gotten me back in the groove of things.
I've been participating in several challenges - the Amazing Digi Scrappin' Race and the 12 Week Inspiration Challenge according to Mrs. Wresh. I'm really excited about both challenges, although Mrs. Wresh's now has a little incentive for me since she's accepted me as an official challenge participant. I'm so excited!! But I'm loving the LOs I've been creating with her inspiration more than the gifts I'm going to be receiving!!
Remember to click on all LOs for credits :)

This 1st LO is a two-pager. And it's for both the ADSR and Mrs. Wresh. It's an All About Me LO featuring some sort of timeline and journaling.
For a larger view of this LO, click on the images.

Here's one I created for the March ScrapLift challenge at N4D (which by the way, I am officially on their Site CT. :) :) :) ).
Here's another ADSR Challenge. This time I was to interview an inanimate object. My chosen object is the infamous Blankie/Ba-Ba.
This next LO is an "unofficial" ADSR LO. I'm not posting it in my ADSR gallery because the challenge was for ONE of the teammates to scraplift a partner's LO by flipping it and scrapping a subject opposite of the subject matter in her LO. Patricia volunteered to lift one of my LOs, but I had to play along so I lifted her Boys will be Boys LO. And here's what I came up with.
I've also got a couple of Bridal Portrait LOs. These were so much fun to scrap and brought back so many memories. I'm soooo young in these photos. . just barely 21 :) The first one was for the Texas Two Step Challenge at MIS from last week.
And finally a very personal LO by me. For this ADSR challenge, we were to "spill it" about something. I chose to spill it about my faith and how it has transformed over the past year. To read my journaling, you can click on the LO.
And of course, can't forget Rodeo Day. I was able to use one of Sandra's new kits, Wild, Wild West for these LOs of Hannah and her classmates on Rodeo Day. These were fun to create!
I made another Valentine's Party LO as well. All these school LOs I will be compiling into a book for Mrs. Keri. I hope she'll cherish it forever!!
Okay, only 2 more. Here's my LO for Week 5 of Mrs. Wresh's blog challenge. Scrap about a trialing time in your life. How did you grow from it?
And finally the AAM LO that I created for the N4D Creative Team Page . I'm totally honored to be serving on this team!!!


Kari °O° said...

BEAUTIFUL as always!! You've inspired me to hit the LOs more. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing a few. Let me know of a kit you hvae in mind for me to play with!!!

Heather said...

I love your LIFE layout. What an awesome idea!

Brian, Steph, Jaxon & Marley said...

Great LOs Rose. I saw Scrappin' Lady Horns but didn't know it was you! :) I'm also in ADSR (Electric Harmony) and having a blast- hope to see more of your LOs there too!

Mi said...

hi... I came to know your blog.. really great... I like your LO too... congratulations.... Mibraun

KJ said...

Wow! you have been busy scrappin'. I love all these LOs but i think my absolute fav is the time line - reminds of the game of life!