Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Is it terrible to feel bad when you've applied for the Creative Team of someone you've followed since she began designing - before she was selling her designs - only to be rejected not once, but twice.  And I love her stuff  - I always have.  But I'm not feeling the love here.  LOL

Anyway, that's it. . just my little pity party.  I got the rejection letter AGAIN.  Better luck next time, right?

I'm still blessed to serve on the CTs of several AMAZING designers.  Now I can continue to devote more time to their products!

Here are my latest LOs -

littleballerina littlebuilder


Shannon said...

Sorry to hear about the note - your designs and LOs are awesome so you'd be an asset to anyone! :)

Latte' Dah said...

By the looks of your blog and designs, whoever rejected you for their CT is missing out. :)