Monday, June 9, 2008

Tag, I'm it . . . again

So, I've been tagged once again.  I feel silly playing this game, especially because I feel like I need to think of 7 more random things about me.  We'll see how I do.

I have been tagged by K of Designed by K.  K is one of the ADS Designs.  Here's what I am supposed to do:
1. Link my tagger and list these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about myself...some weird, some random.
3. I must tag 7 people at the end of this post with links to their blogs.
4. Leave a comment on their blog telling them I tagged them
7 facts
1.  My immediate family growing up all celebrated their birthdays 2-3 days a part from one another during the Summer, except me.  I was born in January.
2. I live in a full house - 1 husband, 2 kids, 3 dogs, and 1 cat.  But I take good care of the house so you'd never know we have all those animals. 
3. I'm addicted to Sonic Coke - but I'm trying to cut it out of my diet.
4. I'm also addicted to Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes, iced or hot, depending on the time of year.  And I'm not cutting that out of my diet.  And yes, DH supports it.  LOL
5. I am certified to teach High School English, but I've never used it to do so.  I taught the 5th grade for 2 years before staying home with my kids.
6. I have experience doing accounts payable but have never gone to school to learn that trade. 
7. I'm a fast learner.  You usually only have to tell me things once and I remember it.

MY lucky 7 :) - they are all from KJOI Studios

1.  Melissa 

2. Lisa Jo

3. Jess

4. Scrappity

5. Gripdesigns

6. Liz

7. Leah

And while I'm here, I'll post some of my recent LOs.  They are super cute!  Remember for credits to click on the LO.










KJ said...

You've been super busy scrappin' again! I really like "anywhere in the USA". The colors are great and boy, I haven't seen that Zilker fire truck in AGES! It brings back some memories.

Kari °O° said...

OH MY STARS!! I didn't even realize that was my template!!!!!!!! Rose, you can totally rock out some LOs!

scrappity said...

Thanks for the tag :) I've already done one on my other blog so I just copied and pasted :)

Shannon said...

I left you some love on your LOs! Great job with them!