Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rated "E"

Just realized I never explained the "E" rating. One of my great CT gals has given my blog a rating of "E" for Excellent. Of course, I'm sitting here in disbelief because I just do not think a blog about my random life and scrapping could get an excellent rating, but hey - if she thinks so. . .LOL
So, now I'm going to return the favor. Of course, I'm only going to choose 5 of the blogs I visit almost daily. I know, to narrow it down to five is insane, but I just need to limit myself.
1. Amanda - Cannot leave out my CT girls! Amanda is a great enabler and I truly believe she's who helps get my stuff sold!! :)
2. Steph - Not just a fellow digi-scrapper but my sister-in-law to boot. She's an amazing scrapper who has learned so much over the past few months. Her LOs are starting to blow mine clear out of the water. LOL
3. KJ - Talk about someone who catches on quickly. She's already creating her own stuff! And it's all gorgeous!!
4. SeAScrApS - Just one of my all time favorite designers!!! And I get to DA for her which makes it all the better. I love her blog. . . she's got lots going on.
5. Tracy Drane - This is one lady I can't get enough of. . . I love her stuff!!!

Okay that's about it. . .who do you rate?


BHo said...

Too many for me to rate!

akhn said...

congrats with beeing rated. and the girls you have pick will be so happy :)

have a nice sunday and week

KJ said...

WOW! Congrats on your rating - that's pretty awesome. You deserve it b/c you work so hard...

Thanks for my rating too! I am so pleased. :o)

thumper6423 said...

Congrats on your rating Rose! Thanks for mine too. That was so sweet of you to think o fme.