Sunday, January 20, 2008

Siblings and Sleep,

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This LO was created for the Template Challenge at Color Line Design.
Journaling Reads: Looking back at these pictures, it is easy to see how much you adore your “Baby Boy!” You always wanted to hold him in your lap and cuddle up with him in your arms. We did not go through a jealous phase with you. You were always willing to help mommy when she needed you to get Cayden a new diaper and loved helping Daddy give him a bath. You didn’t even get upset when Mommy couldn’t play because she had to nurse your brother. You would just climb up in the recliner with us and snuggle up next to him while he nursed. You were a great big sister in those first days. And now that Cayden is almost two years old, you still love to snuggle with him in the recliner. Of course, there are times when you’d rather play by yourself, but you always find something for Cayden to do, too.

This LO was created for the Sketch Challenge at Scrappin' Freestyle Journaling is a lullaby I sing to him: Sleep little one, go to sleep, So peaceful the birds and the sheep. Quiet the meadow and trees. Even the buzz of the bees. The silvery moonbeams so bright, Down through the window give light, Over you the moonbeams will creep. Sleep little one, go to sleep.

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