Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Awww. . . one of my CT Girls, Kari,posted this award on her blog and listed me as one of her Top 10 Friends who Make Her Day!!

And so I've decided to go ahead and pass it on to a few who geniuinely make my day without even realizing it:

1. KJ - She's been in my life for years. She's a sweetie and beautiful on the inside-out. I've known her nearly 20 years, I do believe!!

2. D - I believe she visits my blog nearly every day and leaves me the sweetest comments. It means a lot to me to have someone out there reading my random musings!

3. Steph - We met online through Mommy Matching. We met in person at a park. I have pictures of our kiddos before they were 1. We lost touch and were reconnected through the digiscrappin' world. What a small one it is! Always sweet and encouraging. Gives great cyber - hugs.

4. Karla - One of the ladies I CT for. . . I love that she hasn't given up on me!!! And that she loves my designs as well!!

5. Candee - Another one the designers I CT. She still puts up with me as well. LOL And I still love to create with her stuff!!

And of course. . Kari. . . who this award started to begin with!!

Thanks ladies!! Love y'all much!!!

1 comment:

KJ said...

No Way! 20 years? How can that be? I'm not that old, am I?
J/K. Thanks so much.