Saturday, August 18, 2007

And one more

Since I've really confused everyone and have moved over from a everything blog to a Family and a Scrappin' Blog, I've decided to post the other LO I made with Karla's Kit Together these made a 2 Page LO, the one with the Title being the left page.
Here's the page:

Again, created with Karla's Beach Blanket Blues available at TinaWilliamsDesigns and KKD


Victoria said...

Great template! Thanks for sharing it

Brian, Steph, Jaxon & Marley said...

Rose- just read your comment, but see you found out how to do 2 separate blogs... that way I control who sees what! :) Love your stuff and your templates! :) Come by my blog later so you can e-mail me, we should get together!