Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Name This Kit

Hi! So I've been busy designing a couple new things. I've got some templates I need to put up in the store but the main thing I've been working on is this:

I'm not finished with it yet, but I wanted to give a preview because, I want YOU to name it! :) It will be for sale very soon at ScrappersZone but this poor very special kit needs a name!! And the winner of my name contest will win the entire kit!!! Isn't that exciting????

Also for your trouble, here is a pack of QPs to go along with it. They are all the same file just different colors.

Here's the link


Monique said...

Beautiful kit, Hmmm.... what to name it.... how about "And Baby Makes 3"... "Oh Baby, Baby!"... that's all I can come up with, lol. Maybe someone else will be more creative. Good luck!

Dawn said...

I like the kit, but I have no idea what to name it, lol. Only thing I can come up with is what you have on your qp which is I'm here! Good luck!
And congrats on your new store!

lwlittlebit said...

I love your new kit! Here's some names I like.
Welcome Little One,
Precious Baby Welcome,
Precious New Bundle,
Special Delivery,
New Bundle Welcome,
or any combination of the above would work.

Donna B. Miller said...

The first thing I thought of was "Baby Stats." Congrats on getting your store up and running.

Victoria said...

Fun kit! Welcoming babies is always a joy! It looks like lwlittlebit has suggested some great names already! Best wishes on your success!

Raisaeire said...

I love the kit! Thanks for letting us participate. For some reason when I saw it the song "Spreadin the News" popped into my mind. Congrats on your new store!

Stephanie said...

how about "Swell News" for the kit name
It's cute!

pebbles7195 said...

Wonderful kit - love it!! Here are a couple of names:

It's ME!!!,
Finally Here!!

Good luck!!