Monday, August 6, 2007

Easier and Easier

It's getting easier and easier to create these pages. Of course, I have awesome material to work with and the program is just so simple now that I've figured it all out. I can whip out a page in under 10 minutes so I take advantage of naptimes and this time I have after bedtime.

Both of these LOs are Brag Book Pages for the Brag Book QuickPage Challenge at Make It Scrappy

Credits: Hop Along by Traci Thompson; Sketch Inspired by Maria LaFrance

These are LOs from Cayden's 1st days of life. Remember, I'm very far behind on scrapping Cayden.

Designer Credits: Bug A Boo by Traci Thompson; File Tie from Huggable by J Cantrill; Fonts: Tabor Handwriting, Hey It's Red

Journaling - Left Photo: Right after you were born and they were moving you to take your measurements, you decided to make your gender proud by peeing on Dr. Seeker.

Center Photo: Now Dr. Seeker is given the opportunity to hold a freshly cleaned little boy and take a moment for a picture. Dr. Seeker was wonderful during my pregnancy.

Right Photo: Here we are right before you are put on oxygen monitoring with our nurse Camille and Dr. Seeker. Daddy and I are so happy you're finally here.

Designer Credits: Bug A Boo by Traci Thompson; File Tie from Huggable by J Cantrill; Fonts: Tabor Handwriting

Main Journaling: When I was admitted to the hospital four weeks early to deliver you, I had know idea that my world was going to be in slow motion for the next two days. I wemt into labor at home and arrived at Seton Hosital a little after 6:30 a.m. Dr. Seeker could not even come to check on me until after 12:00 p.m because he was in surgery all morning. I was slowly progressing, and by the timehe arrived, I was more than 4 cm dialated and 80%effaced. At 2:00 p.m. they decided to start me onthe induction drug, Pitocin, and within the hour, I needed to push. Dr. Seeker arrived, and in two pushes, you were here. The nurses noticed that you were having respiratory distress so after a quick kiss from Mommy, you were taken to the nursery and put under an oxygen hood. It was sohard not being able to hold you in my arms. Finally,the next day, we were able to have you in our room with us. It was at this moment that I finally felt our family was complete. April 28-29, 2006

Left Photo: After more than 15 hours of waiting, Mommy is finally able to hold you in her arms. I do not want to put you down, ever. You're my special little boy, and I love you very much!!!

Center Photo: This picture is of Daddy holding you for the very first time. You have been in thenursery under oxygen monitoring. We'vebeen very worried, but all is well, now!

Right Photo: You'd never know you had a rough start to life. Here, we are two days later, finallygoing home! Your sister is so excited, andMommy and Daddy are very happy!

Credits: Got Baby? Paper Pack by CanDesigns, Stiches by Lauren Reid and Eva K, Heart Alpha from Bottles, Blankets, and Bows by Mandie Annie

Credits: Got Baby? Paper Pack by CanDesigns; Tab Template by Lauren Reid; Stitches by Eva K

Journaling: The day that you, Hannah, came into this world, I knew the Lord had blessed me a thousand times over. Daddy and I had been through two losses already so when we prayed for your life and God granted us our prayer. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough love for two of you when I learned I was pregnant with Cayden, but the Lord has shown me how to love you both equally and yet so differently all the same. He has again blessed my life with your love in return. May 2006

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