Monday, August 20, 2007

No Scrappin' Today

So today has been absolutely the longest day of my life. First Cayden decides to get up at 2:30 am. . . DH gets up with him, so I can get a little rest but within 20 minutes, Hannah is up as well. And she doesn't go back to sleep until after 4:00 am. . ugh.

Then today she had her 4 year well check at which she received 5 shots. . poor baby. It was awful.

So needless to say, I was unable to scrap tonight, BUT. . . I did complete my very first kit!!! I'm so excited. I'm only going to give a preview tonight because I'm so tired, but I wanted to share it with y'all.

It's called "Hannah's BackPack" because she's off to Pre-K next week. And there are two patches within the kit that I created from scanning her security blanket and then recoloring them to fit with the kit. Hannah is all about pink and yellow and being a girl so that's what this kit is inspired by.

Again, I'll probably post it a piece at a time as a freebie. . hehehehe. . :) Good night!!!


Sara E said...

funny!!!!!!! your kids sound like mine lately .......
I think I was up at 2 and then again at 5........after going to sleep around 1....crazy!

D said...

We had a night like that last night too. I finally just brought Kaden into bed with us and he fell asleep cuddling with his daddy. Then I took him back to his bed. So tiring! I think he is teething again. He was chewing on his hand and drooling all day yesterday.
He has his 18 month check up next week. I can't remember if he gets shots at this one or not?

Love your first kit! That is so awesome! How did you learn how to do it and what program do you use? Congrats!

Your templates are awesome! Congrats on making the Ikea Goddess list!

Brian, Steph, Jaxon & Marley said...

I was just coming on here to tell you your templates have been on Ikeagoddess's site twice! That is HUGE! You rock! Love the new kit...